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Drs Clum Testimonials

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Drs Clum Testimonials

Before I began care with Dr. Dana I had such terrible back pain I couldn't even function. My back and legs hurt so bad that I could hardly stand up. I couldn't do the things I like to do. I saw other doctors who told me it was because I was old and that I would just have to live with the pain. They gave me pills to take and that was it.

Honestly, I didn't want to go to the chiropractor. I really didn't think anything could help me, but my son MADE me go and I am so glad that he did.

Now I feel 90% better! I can move and walk and even exercise a little. I can enjoy time with my family and feel much more active, involved and alive. I'm 82 years old and so I still have some aches and pains, but not nearly as much as before. It brings tears to my eyes that I feel so much better. My life has changed. I thank God every day for putting Dr. Dana in my path.

- Flor Mora, 82 years YOUNG

With 2 kids and an active lifestyle, neck and back pain was really getting in the way of enjoying life. Pregnancy and then the physical stress of raising 2 small children really took a toll on my spine. I had constant neck and shoulder tension and low back pain every time I held my kids.

Within a few visits with Drs. Don and Dana Clum I was starting to feel better. The tension in my neck muscles was beginning to go away and I could play with, and run with and lift my kids without discomfort.

I rely on chiropractic care and a healthy spine to keep me at my best for myself and for my family. I can't imagine a life without it.

- Sandi Rojas

I am an active person. I exercise and often play sports. On one occasion, while I was playing soccer with my kids, I twisted my leg badly and fell. It was so painful that I ended up in the hospital. The doctors there recommended surgery. They told me it would never heal right without surgery and I would always have pain.

I wanted a second opinion. I knew Dr. Dana, our kids went to school together, and so I visited her office to see if there was an alternative to surgery.

I began to get adjusted and within one week I was 50% better and within 1 month the pain was completely gone. I continue to play sports and enjoy my active lifestyle PAIN FREE… without surgery.

- Andy

I am an avid tennis player. I play several times a week and I play competitively. After playing for years I developed Tennis Elbow. I thought if I continued to play I would have to live with that pain. I thought that the only way I would get rid of it was to stop playing. I was crushed that I might have to give up the game that I loved. I wore elbow braces and iced my elbow, but the pain persisted.

I finally decided to try chiropractic. After the first adjustment I felt much better. I now continue to play tennis with NO ELBOW PAIN at all, thanks to Dr. Don and Dr. Dana.

- Julio

I suffered with Headaches my whole adult life. I thought they were normal. I had headaches almost daily. I thought I got them because I worked a lot and had a lot of stress.

I began to see Dr. Dana because of a neck pain that I got and was so happy to see, once I started getting adjusted, that not only did my neck pain go away… but my headaches did too!

Now with regular adjustments I almost never get a headache. I am so happy I discovered chiropractic.

- Mary

My name is Carlos Manuel Molina, I work in communications and marketing in Costa Rica. I knew Drs. Don Clum and Dana Cavell CLum while they were working in my country. On top of being marvelous people, I can give you my word that they were always concerned for their patient's health, life and families. They always gave their best to ensure that Costa Ricans had a better quality of life and better health through the use of chiropractic care.

My ex-wife was a patient in their office after having suffered a stroke. Irrefutably, her health improved and her quality of life began to improve considerable with her adjustments. Today she lives a normal life and I know that a large part of her full recovery was thanks to the hands of her chiropractors and god.

I, myself, miss the doctors a lot. I always visited them for an adjustment at least once a week since it helped me maintain good health and a lower level of stress.

En español

Mi nombre es Carlos Manuel Molina, soy un comunicador de Costa Rica y conocí a la Dra. Dana Cavell y al Dr. Donald Clum en Costa Rica cuando ellos trabajaron en este país. Además de ser maravillosas personas, doy fe de que siempre estuvieron preocupados por sus pacientes, por sus vidas y familias. Dieron lo mejor de ellos para hacer que las personas costarricenses tuvieran mejor calidad de vida y que su salud mejorara considerablemente con el uso de la quiropráctica. Mi ex esposa fue paciente de la Dra. Dana Cavell y del Dr. Donald Clum después de haber sufrido un derrame cerebral. Indiscutiblemente, su salud mejoró mucho y su calidad de vida fue superándose. Hoy ella hace una vida normal y sé que parte de todo esto estuvo en las manos de los quiroprácticos sin olvidar a Dios.

Yo, en lo personal, les extraño mucho, pues al menos una vez a la semana los doctores me hacían mi ajuste quiropráctico y eso me mantenía con menores niveles de estrés.

- Carlos Manuel Molina

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