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Digestive Disorders Part1

May 28th, 2011

Chiropractic care has been shown effective in the treatment of patients with digestive problems. One study showed how infants with infrequent bowel syndrome receiving chiropractic care experienced almost immediate improvement after sessions.

According to an extensive study, there’s a real connection between Crohn’s disease and misalignments of the spine. Crohn’s disease results in inflammation along the small intestine, affecting any part of the digestive tract. Along with the attendant pain, inflammation causes frequent emptying of the intestines and also diarrhea.

The prevailing theory around the cause of Crohn’s disease is that the immune system is acting in response to a virus or bacterium. To treat the inflammation of Crohn’s disease, the traditional approach is to use corticosteroids. However, the side-effects of corticosteroids can be serious, possibly prompting greater vulnerability to infection. Drugs that restrict the immune system may also be employed. Researchers of the study sought to look for treatment options that boosted the immune system (as opposed to suppressing it) in a way that did not rely on the use of drugs.

A different study claims spinal misalignments are inextricably linked with various types of conditions, such as ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel disorder, and Crohn’s disease. It showed that correcting those displacements caused improvement (and sometimes complete remission) of symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Research indicates that there’s added value to chiropractic care. Not only is there improvement of digestive disorders following chiropractic care but also an overall improvement of patients’ quality of life.

Make an appointment with your chiropractic doctor to receive a comprehensive assessment of your digestive issue
Chiropractors adjust misalignments of the spine that interfere with nerve function. These problems can be painlessly corrected. The upsetting digestive symptoms also diminish or disappear altogether after the misalignment is treated.

Chiropractic care can benefit those suffering from digestive disorders by restoring the digestive processes’ natural rhythm. Along with spinal manipulation, a doctor of chiropractic could also offer nutritional counseling. Vitamin and mineral supplements, healing herbs, as well as other complementary approaches may also be suggested.

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Genetics And Chiropractic Part1

May 14th, 2011

It has been proven that chiropractic care has had a positive effect on overall wellness and health behaviors. Furthermore, it has also helped in reducing general medical costs. However, it was not until recently that information surfaced about how chiropractic adjustments could influence the chemistry of biological processes on a cellular level. Chiropractic thus met the field of genetics.

According to a study, it was found that chiropractic care can actually alter the basic processes in oxidative stress and DNA repair. Findings, such as this one point, to scientific explanations for the positive effects were reported by chiropractic care patients. Although more information is needed to solidify this assertion about chiropractic, the current information is on the side of chiropractic care.

In a specific research, patients undergoing short-term and long-term chiropractic care had their serum thiol levels measured and compared to those undergoing traditional medical care. Serum thiols are primary antioxidants that measure human health status. Its test offers a substitute estimate of DNA repair enzyme activity that is shown to coincide with lifespan health and aging factors. The findings showed that long-term chiropractic care of two years or longer could re-establish normal physiological states for a wide spectrum of patients. Those who were symptom-free during chiropractic treatment had higher average serum thiol levels, while those who had an ongoing illness had lower levels. These patients also showed serum thiol levels in higher concentrations than normal wellness values.

There are many factors that affect how the nervous system runs throughout a person’s life, may it be physical, emotional, or chemical stress. Researchers agree that cellular DNA repair and oxidative stress levels can be influenced by nerve function. A widely accepted theory claims that oxidative stress, which comes in the form of metabolically-generating free radicals, is how we age and develop disease. Oxidative stress arrives in the form of DNA damage and keeps the DNA from repairing itself. DNA repair is one of the ways to fix any damage that is brought on by the environment.

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Organic Food Part1

April 29th, 2011

Like many conscientious consumers, you may have asked yourself, Does organic food equal better, healthier food, or are the advantages more hype than fact?

Let’s first look at the word organic and how it is used. Organic farming refers to a system that relies on certain principles of animal, human, and environmental concerns. Organic agriculture does not use chemicals as a means of cultivating food. This is just one aspect of a larger concern for doing less harm to the environment, human beings that consume the food, and wildlife. The worldwide worth of the organic marketplace is more than $27 billion, and an amount of land equal to the size of Italy is committed to it.

What the Organic Label Means
If a food product has an organic label it means that it was grown on a farm, and also that its processors and importers have been validated by a known process of certification. With processed foods, at least 95% of the agricultural ingredients have to be certified organic. The remaining 5% can consist of non-organic ingredients, but only in the case of approved contents.

If a farmer wishes to obtain organic certification, he must adhere to the following set of standards: Chemical fertilizers cannot be used, as they contain nitrous oxide. One has to employ natural methods like manure, as well as crop rotation, the act of alternating planted crops so that more natural nutrients are left behind. Pesticides are forbidden. Bugs have to be dealt with by using other insects, or by weeding and planting alternating crops next to each other, which enables them to take care of each other’s bugs.

They must not use most additives like colorings and preservatives. Animals must be treated humanely by having access to areas where they are free to roam and by being fed organic food, as well as other considerations. There are also minimum slaughter ages for animals.

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Hearth Health Part1

April 17th, 2011

If your family members have heart disease, you could be anxious about having it yourself. After all, nearly 1 million Americans die from cardiac-related conditions year after year. Of these deaths, the majority could be prevented. You might feel better knowing that genetic predisposition is just one of many factors that can influence your chances of having a heart condition. There are quite a few measures that can outweigh genetic predisposition, bringing long-term benefits to your heart health. Here are a few tips for supporting and sustaining a healthy heart.

Tips for a Healthy Heart
If you add a sedentary lifestyle to poor nutritional habits, a dangerous scenario ensues, for it can lead to many health issues (for instance, coronary heart disease). By making lifestyle changes now, you can prevent heart trouble later. The practical tips below can greatly impact your heart.
* In your diet, include lots of foods that are healthy for your heart (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and foods with a lot of fiber).
* Ensure that seafood is part of your diet, and that you consume at least two portions of fish per week.
* Carefully watch your intake of trans fat and saturated fat, as well as cholesterol. No more than 30% of your daily calories should come from fat. One way of lowering your intake of saturated fat is to reduce the amount of animal fat you eat. To reduce trans fat in your diet, avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils.
* Avoid too much sodium. Reducing your salt intake will improve the health of your heart.
* Choose low- or fat-free options of dairy products.
* Try to get nutrients from the actual foods you’re consuming, instead of just taking vitamins. Lentils, for instance, which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, are tasty and wholesome.
* If you’re sedentary, start exercising. To keep your heart strong, exercise is an essential must. Exercising helps keep tabs on cholesterol and blood pressure, and has a preventative role with diabetes. Benefits that will last you a lifetime ensue from working out for 30 minutes, five days a week. It is okay to exercise for 15 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon; you don’t have to fulfill your 30 minutes in one go. Since fad diet don’t deliver on their promises and don’t work over the long term, stay away from them if you’re overweight. They also put a strain on your heart and system.
* Consider tai chi. Along with helping people of all ages and conditions with posture and balance, it promotes a healthy heart.
* If you smoke, quit. This is an essential element in ensuring the health of your heart.

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Asthma Treatment Patchogue

March 12th, 2011

Asthma, a reversible obstructive respiratory disorder, is a condition that is also called hyperactive airways. With asthma, continued inadequate management can lead to a life-threatening situation known as status asthmaticus.

When the smooth muscles in the bronchioles have spastic contractions, asthma occurs and makes it very hard to breathe. According to Dr Don Clum DC, foreign particles in the air also cause asthmatic reactions to occur, since the bronchioles are hypersensitive. About 70% of asthma cases in those younger than 30 years old are from allergic hypersensitivity. In older people, the cause of their asthma is almost always hypersensitivity to non-allergic irritants in the air such as smog. In all cases of asthma, the patient can inhale easily but have trouble exhaling.

With proper asthma treatment, you should be almost symptom-free and enjoy an active life. Regardless of your current condition, you should continue with NY asthma treatment, even if you feel fine. Furthermore, it is highly important to stay away from asthma causing factors like smoke, cold air, and smog. Asthma can also be induced by virus and allergies; it is a good idea to avoid them. With proper asthma treatment, it is possible to achieve good asthma control.

Chiropractic treatments for asthma have been useful in maintaining a symptom-free life; ask your Patchogue chiropractor for more information.

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Anxiety Therapy Patchogue

March 9th, 2011

What is anxiety? Dr Don Clum DC likens it to apprehension and/or fear.

A natural instinct, anxiety can help people incite their natural impulse to survive. Anxiety works similarly to the way a burgular system does, becoming activated when danger is perceived. It is normal to have anxiety when things get hectic or complicated but, if the anxiety becomes overwhelming, you may feel out of control. If this is the case, you should visit Abundant Health Family Wellness and Chiropractic. When this happens and the anxiety refuses to go away, you may look for an escape andswitch to harmful habits such as overeating or alcohol and drug abuse.

If you find your sleep interrupted by anxiety or you worry endlessly, these may be symptoms of anxiety problem or anxiety disorder. Go to your Patchogue chiropractor for assistance.

It is not unusual for anyone to have an anxiety disorder. During a 12-month period, about 3% of adults in NY go through an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is twice as likely to occur in women than in men. Anxiety disorder consists of excessive nervousness and worry lasting 6 months or longer about many activities or events.

Your chiropractor is equipped with the skills to carry out a detailed history-taking and examination on you, as well as orthopaedic and neurologic testing. Then your chiropractor will develop a management regimen modified to suit your unique case. If you want additional info, visit patchoguechiropractor.com.

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Vertigo Dizziness Therapy Patchogue

March 9th, 2011

Vertigo is known as the illusion of the body moving or a person’s environment moving. A person feels rotational movement and unidirectional movement with vertigo.

The perception of this motion comes with a minor difference, according to Dr Don Clum DC. In objective vertigo, the patient feels it is the environment revolving around him while in subjective vertigo, it is the other way around- the patient feels he is the one turning among his surroundings.

There is a very important distinction between vertigo and dizziness. In dizziness, patients in NY feel a loss of balance, light-headedness or nausea but there is no motion perception.

A good Patchogue Chiropractor will analyze your history and the findings of a detailed examination, including orthopaedic and neurological tests to determine the cause of your vertigo and dizziness. After which, they will make a therapeutic plan of management tailor-made for your case.

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Muscle Strain Care Patchogue

March 9th, 2011

An injury to a muscle-tendon component is called a muscle strain, or also known as muscle trauma. When some level of injury is seen in the muscle-tendon intersection, the muscle fibers, the tendon or the bony insertion point, a muscle strain is present. Based on the clinical picture seen, a muscle strain in Patchogue can be mild, moderate or severe. An overstretched muscle is the most frequent cause of muscle strain. A muscle strain is also commonly known as a muscle pull.

Muscle strain is often felt as stiffness, localized pain and a bruised feeling. Typically, a muscle strain has a knot component generally known as a tender point, states Dr Don Clum DC. Bearing down on the tender point in a strained muscle and feeling referred pain, this will be known as the trigger point.

An involuntary contraction of a muscle that develops from painful nerve activation is called a muscle spasm.

What will your Chiropractor do so he can pinpoint the cause of your muscle strain? He will 1). Take your history and examine you thoroughly and 2). Let you undergo neurological and orthopaedic testing. Then a plan of management custom-made for you, by Abundant Health Family Wellness and Chiropractic, will be applied to your case.

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Chiropractor Treatment Arm Pain

March 2nd, 2011

Patchogue tennis elbow, the layman’s term for Lateral Epicondylitis, is the most prevalent illness of the upper body.

But tennis elbow is not the sole property of tennis players. Tennis elbow can come about when too much strain is placed in the muscles of the forearm (wrist extensor group). This ailment is common among tennis players, carpenters, typists, manual laborers and a lot more professions. So it can be deduced that any activity requiring repetitive wrist extension can cause tennis elbow, states Dr Don Clum DC. In 90% of tennis elbow conditions, pain is localized in the tendo periosteal junction where the common extensor tendon originates (outer area of the elbow). Some patients with tennis elbow will feel pain radiating to the back of the forearm and wrist area.

NY tennis elbow can be a challenge because it needs lengthy treatment course due to the lack of a tendon sheath. The common extensor origin is more muscle than tendon except that it has poor blood supply so it cannot benefit from the fluid nutrition that is found within a tendon sheath,

To identify the level of severity of your tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), your Chiropractor at Abundant Health Family Wellness and Chiropractic will take your history and examine you completely. Further, he will include neurological and orthopaedic tests. Then a certain plan of management that is made just for your case will be developed.

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Foot Pain Chiropractic Treatment

February 24th, 2011

Foot pain is almost always caused by improper footwear and the absence of support. As stated by Dr Don Clum DC, causes of foot pain can include; points of overpressure or irritation from shoes which may result in corns or calluses or aggravation of Hallux Valgus (at the first toe). When shoes worn are too tight, the metatarsals become compressed or toenails can be injured, resulting in foot pain. If the foot is too mobile, then lack of support may cause plantar fasciitis (very common cause of foot pain). Another widespread source of foot pain in NY are ankle sprains. The most common ankle sprain is plantar flexion with inversion.

Treatment for foot pain does not stop at treating the acute injury but also aims to prevent future mishaps from occurring. Foot pain treatment at Abundant Health Family Wellness and Chiropractic often requires a determination of the needs of the associated activity or sport coupled with a strictly adhered-to post injury rehabilitation program.

Your Patchogue chiropractor can correctly diagnose your foot pain and its real cause by taking a detailed history and examination, including neurological and orthopaedic testing and radiographic studies as well. Then they will develop a specific plan of management tailored to your case.

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