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At Abundant Health Family Wellness and Chiropractic, we realize that each body has the innate ability to heal itself. Our Patchogue chiropractor, Dr. Don Clum, DC, and his wife, Dr. Dana Cavell Clum, DC, have a combined experience in Patchogue chiropractic care of over 20 years and are fluent in both English and Spanish. They have been serving patients of all ages, from youth to seniors, and treating a variety of conditions, such as osteoporosis, spinal disc injuries, etc.

We understand that each body is unique and each condition requires a different treatment. For this reason, our Patchogue chiropractor utilizes a variety of techniques so that treatment plans are tailored to the patient's specific needs. We make sure to get a detailed health history and perform diagnostic examinations prior to administering Patchogue chiropractic care.

Abundant Health Family Wellness and Chiropractic focuses on positively affecting the wellness of the community, specifically in the field of weight loss. Drs. Don and Dana Clum understand that many people have had great challenges maintaining a healthy body weight, and have resorted to yo-yo dieting to lose stubborn belly fat. Oftentimes, they do not know what steps to take in order to reach their health goals. Through a comprehensive care plan, the Patchogue chiropractor has helped numerous patients with the use of advanced hormonal techniques, as well as nutrition and exercise regimens.

Welcome From Dr Don Clum DC

Dr Clum - Patchogue Chiropractor

Dr. Don Clum, DC, graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA in 1997 with a degree in Human Nutrition. He then attended Life Chiropractic College West and graduated with his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2000. After graduation, Dr. Don Clum, DC, moved to San Jose, Costa Rica where he was invited to work with the Costa Rican Olympic Committee and athletes. He participated in the National Central American and Caribbean-Central American Games as the team chiropractor for the country's most...

Patchogue Chiropractic

Our Patchogue chiropractic office is home to a number of treatment methods including chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, fitness counseling, and comprehensive 6-week or 12-week wellness programs. If you have headaches and migraines, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, insomnia, chronic fatigue, etc., the Patchogue chiropractor can help. You can find relief from any spinal pains and discomforts, form better sleep patterns, have more energy and less stress, have hormonal balance and better metabolism, and much more.

Don't hesitate to get Patchogue chiropractic care if you are feeling any discomforts, seeking success in weight loss, or just want to be healthier. No matter your age, history, or condition may be, you can be on the road to greater health. If you are curious about the care methods we offer, or want to schedule an appointment with the Patchogue chiropractor, give us a call today!

Sciatica: Fast Facts!
Sciatica occurs when one experiences constant pain in the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the buttocks and on down through the lower legs. It goes all the way from the lower back to the bottom of the legs, making it the longest nerve in the body. This important nerve causes us to have feeling in our legs and feet by adjusting the muscles in the lower legs. Often misunderstood, the lower back and leg pain known as sciatica is quite common...
Getting Rid of Stress
A certain amount of stress can benefit us, helping us focus while aiding performance. Mood disorders and other health problems may result from stress endured over the long run, though. You should take stock of what you need to cope, as well as what your personal limitations are to manage commitments. We provide some tips below to help you handle the overflow, in times that aren't able to be entirely managed. The Power of Positivity Stress...
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Few Facts
Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, is a condition affecting the median nerve. The median nerve runs through the forearm to the hand and passes through the carpal tunnel (a narrow tunnel made of bones and soft tissue i.e. tendons, ligaments, nerves) in the wrist. We refer to the condition in which the median nerve is under excessive pressure in the carpal tunnel, resulting in pain, weakness, and even numbness through the hand, wrist and...

Before I began care with Dr. Dana I had such terrible back pain I couldn't even function. My back and legs hurt so bad that I could hardly stand up. I couldn't do the things I like to do. I saw other doctors who told me it was because I was old and that I would just have to live with the pain. They gave me pills to take and that was it. Honestly, I didn't want to go to the chiropractor. I really didn't think anything could help me, but my son MADE me go and I am so glad that he did. Now I feel 90% better! I can move and walk and even exercise a little. I can enjoy time with my family and feel much more active, involved and alive. I'm 82 years old and so I still have some aches and pains, but not nearly as much as before. It brings tears to my eyes that I feel so much better...

- Flor Mora, 82 years YOUNG
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With 2 kids and an active lifestyle, neck and back pain was really getting in the way of enjoying life. Pregnancy and then the physical stress of raising 2 small children really took a toll on my spine. I had constant neck and shoulder tension and low back pain every time I held my kids. Within a few visits with Drs. Don and Dana Clum I was starting to feel better. The tension in my neck muscles was beginning to go away and I could play with, and run with and lift my kids without discomfort. I rely on chiropractic care...

- Sandi Rojas
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